How Efficient Are Car Washes?


Conservation of water resources is a must for all. We at Xtreme Clean Auto Wash, we recognize the importance of water. That’s why we’ve joined forces together with the Lifewater Foundation to provide clean drinking water to the poorest countries. Each when you clean your vehicle, we give an offering that will provide clean water to people living in Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Uganda.

Water is valuable. Even (and particularly) an Michigan car wash is aware of that! Every drop counts, it’s easy for people to get caught up in the trap of believing that washes for cars are a huge water waste. While it’s true that the majority of car washes consume lots of water, their effectiveness may be greater than you imagine.

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Here are some reasons for why:

Car Washes Reclaim Water

The water that you drink to wash your car is recycled. In fact, many car washes have been designed to recycle and reuse water. But this doesn’tmean that the grime and dirt from the previous car is applied to your vehicle. Not at all.

Many car washes, such as Mister Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash employ advanced Reverse Osmosis system which captures cleans and filter the reclaimed water. In the end, car washes require less water and increase the efficacy in the amount of water that they make use of.

Think Your Hose Is Better? Think Again

You might be tempted to believe that washing your car at home is a good idea, as it uses less water. But, that’s not always the scenario. It’s true that the hose in a single garden does not produce the same amount of water that an automated car wash does, the difference is in pressure and the precision.

Car washes rely more on precision and pressure than on the amount of water. Did you wonder why a restaurant quality steak is hard to replicate at home? The reason lies in the equipment. Home ovens aren’t comparable to commercial cooking equipment, and it’s the same for the auto washing industry.

Our wash employs 28 turbo nozzles that are zero degrees with a high-tilt boom that shapes each vehicle to maximize cleaning effectiveness. The pressure and accuracy does not compare to the garden hose.

Car washes release lots of water, but it’s with deliberate, controlled movements that are precise in their setting. When our turbo nozzles go they’re doing it for a reason. When washing garden hoses, because the pressure and volume isn’t present, there could be an urge for the hose to flow. This isn’t much at all at once, but it does quickly add up!

In the end, you could end having to use a lot more water by washing your vehicle at home, rather than running it through an auto wash. With the latest auto wash technologies, it’s possible to recover up to 70% (or more) of your water produced. Although every wash is unique however, it’s possible and likely that car washes use just a tiny fraction of the water an at-home wash would use. The average garden hose will not be doing this!

Utilize the chart that follows from Western Car Wash Association to find out more about the most common use of water, including wash-your-car at home.

There’s one more issue when using hose water to clean your vehicle. It’s not filtered. Car washes use a spot-free rinse system that reduces the hardness of water to less than 17ppm when using water from a hose can contain particulates or minerals that could cause spots on drying as well as water marks.

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Environmental Impact?

The downside to washing your vehicle at home is that it could introduce soaps, oils dirt from the engine, brake dust and other harmful elements in the air. The result is that this could end up in our rivers, streams, rivers, and lakes. streams.

Car washes, thanks to filters, reduce the impact. Anything left behind is removed and then disposed in a safe manner and only by certified experts.

We’re committed to being the top Michigan car wash. Through our association with Lifewater we will continue to contribute to the water we utilize. As technology for car washing advances forward, we’re committed to remain on the cutting technology to provide the highest-quality car wash.


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