How does the use of organic fertilizers enhance soil fertility?

Organic fertilizer India

Organic fertilizers are naturally available mineral sources that contain plant or animal-based materials either a by-product or end product of naturally occurring processes, like animal manure and composted organic materials. With the help of organic fertilizer, the need for the repeated application of synthetic fertilizers to maintain soil fertility is reduced.

Organic fertilizer India is an effective energy source of soil microbes which in turn improve soil structure and crop growth. You can consider them as safe alternatives to chemical fertilizers. However, when organic fertilizers are used improperly, it can lead to over-fertilization or nutrient deficiency in the soil. Remember controlling the release of organic fertilizer is an effective and advanced way to overcome these impacts and maintain sustainable agriculture yield. Read on to know how organic fertilizers ensure the health of the garden tomorrow.

1: Safe for the environment

Organic fertilizers are safe for the environment, your family and your pets. You can rest assured about that. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that contribute to the pollution and contamination of water and land. The use of organic fertilizer protects against the extension of several animals, insects and plant species that are highly affected by the use of chemical fertilizers.

2: Enhance soil texture and fertility

The soil is constantly conditioned and rejuvenated thereby enhancing soil texture, drainage and aeration with the use of organic fertilizers. Breakdown of minerals and nutrients of organic fertilizer takes time and more than half remain on the soil after the first year, slowly breaking down to feed and nourish the soil. In this way, organic fertilizers preserve soil properties and increase soil productivity.

3: Chemical-free food

The majority of organic fertilizers can be prepared locally or on the farm itself. The use of these organic fertilizers ensures that the food items produced are free of harmful chemicals. It promotes a healthy society and those who consume organic foods products are free of health risks associated with skin and brain disorders, strokes and others as compared to those who eat foodstuff produced by chemical fertilizer.

4: Microbes prosper

Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter, which helps microbes thrive. As organic fertilizer contains carbon as part of its chemical makeup, it is the carbon, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that feeds microbes and is unable to make nutrients available for plants in a naturally occurring biological process.

5: Easy to use

Organic fertilizers are extremely easy to use and offer harmless operations. These natural products can be easily applied as there is no need to wear any protective clothes and gadgets, which come pretty expensive these days. There is no use of professional knowledge and can be used by even an amateur farmer as well.

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