How Does Dandruff Affect Our Different Parts Of The Body?


Hair enhances the beauty of an individual. It is the most important subject to be considered for every person and their self-esteem. Any comment on the hair affects a person whether they are on coloured hair, its length, or texture. To make you look beautiful, Hair plays a crucial part and it is our responsibility to keep them away from any damage or dandruff problems. It is something that is faced by most individuals. To keep your scalp free from dandruff there are many anti-dandruff shampoos and if you have coloured hair there are also anti-dandruff shampoos for colour treated hair which will help you to get rid of dandruff without causing any damage to the colour.

Dandruff is not you just scratch and gets rid of it, this will only get worse. There are many reasons for having dandruff and if you know the reason then it’s good to find the solution or consult a doctor. Dandruff can make your condition worse and can encompass a bad effect on the different portions of the body. Some of them are as follows:

  • Hair: Dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair fall. It causes flaky skin to your scalp and this often falls off and leaves white flaky skin on your shoulders. As we know that hair growth depends on a healthy scalp. But dandruff spur itchiness and let you scratch your scalp. This will lead to the hair fall and continued scratching on the scalp will cause damage to the growth of the hair.
  • Skin: Dandruff not only damages hair but skin too. It causes itchiness or red rashes that can occur on the scalp, ears, mid-chest, and mid-back. Whenever you find dandruff it is important to eliminate the root cause or consult a doctor.
  • Face: It can be on different parts of the countenance, such around the nose, eyelids, forehead, and eyebrows, or behind the ears. Dandruff will let you scratch different facial parts and causes irritation or red rashes. It also causes acne on the face, especially on the forehead. If your scalp is oily you will be prone to have pimples on the forehead, upper chest, or back.
  • Eyes: It can be frustrating to have dandruff on the hair but it becomes an extreme level if the dandruff is on the eyelashes. It can cause redness to the eyes and irritation too. After knowing all the effects caused by dandruff it should not be ignored.

Therefore, Dandruff causes damage to different portions of the body. There can be different reasons for having dandruff which can affect badly on different parts of the body like the skin, face, eyes, or scalp. So, it is necessary to find a solution. There are numerous types of shampoos like dandruff shampoo for coloured hair that will help you to get rid of dandruff.  These shampoos will let you free from flaky skin and have beautiful and healthy-looking hair. If these shampoos are not helping you then it is necessary to consult a doctor on an urgent basis.


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