George Morlan Plumbing

George Morlan Plumbing

When you need a plumber, you may want to call George Morlan Plumbing. This company is locally owned and operated, with the widest range of plumbing products in the northwest. Its staff members are highly trained and are committed to helping customers. In the mid-80s, Rick Kramien took over the marketing side of the business, bringing the George Morlan Plumbing name to the radio and television.

George Morlan plumbing business

The Morlan family has been in the plumbing business for four generations and carries hundreds of different brands. With more than 200,000 plumbing items in stock, George Morlan Plumbing has the largest selection of plumbing supplies in the Northwest. In addition to plumbing supplies, the company offers repair and installation services. For more than nine decades, the Morlan family has served homeowners with excellent plumbing and heating services.

The company’s customer service, expertise and knowledge were the foundation of George Morlan’s success. Whether fixing a problem at the customer’s side of the counter or guiding them through a complex project, he was known for offering exceptional service and care. The company has multiple locations and a plumbing service department in each.

The company is a family-owned and operated business that has been in business for 90 years. It is one of the largest plumbing supply companies in the United States. It represents many of the leading plumbing manufacturers from around the world and offers deep discounts on thousands of items. This plumbing company has eight locations in Oregon and serves customers across the state.

Family owned and operated

George Morlan Plumbing is a local, family-owned, and operated company that has been in business for over 90 years. The company’s roots lie in customer service and knowledge. The company’s founders solved problems on the spot and walked customers through their projects. They remain rooted in the values of great service, selection, and value.

George Morlan, who was born in 1901, opened his business in Portland, Oregon, in 1927. He started the business with one helper and a Ford truck. Electric water heaters were first invented in the mid-1930s, and Morlan realized the benefits of installing them. This earned him the nickname “The Water Heater King”. In 1965, his son Gary joined the company full-time. During the Great Depression, Morlan’s shop grew and expanded to include a showroom and plumbing parts counter.

This Portland plumbing company provides a wide variety of plumbing fixtures. Its wide selection includes faucets, sinks, and showerheads. It also carries spas and lavatories of different styles. It even offers sauna systems. The company has showrooms throughout the state and sources their products from a variety of manufacturers.

Widest selection of George Morlan Plumbing in the Northwest

The Northwest’s largest plumbing showroom features hundreds of brands and over 200,000 items. This variety ensures that every customer is able to find a plumbing product that fits their specific needs. In business for four generations, George Morlan has been serving remodelers, builders, and homeowners.

Customer service of George Morlan Plumbing

Customer service at George Morlan Plumbing was one of the most important aspects of the company. It was built on expertise and knowledge. Employees at the company were often available to help customers at the counter. In addition, they would walk customers through a project and answer any questions they may have. This type of customer service is the essence of any successful business.

The showroom at George Morlan Plumbing is a great place to browse the latest designs in bathtubs and spas. Previously, the company hosted special events for contractors and homeowners. The company has been in business for more than 80 years and has eight locations in Oregon. Customers can choose from the latest styles and trends in plumbing and home design, as well as the most affordable prices.

Knowledge and expertise

The knowledge and expertise of George Morlan Plumbing is evident in the customer service that the company provides. The owner, George Morlan, often fixed problems at the counter rather than sending a dispatcher. He also spent time explaining each project and guiding clients through it. As a result, his business has built a reputation for excellent customer service.

The company started out as a small plumbing supply company, but soon expanded into eight locations. The business is now owned by Rick Morlan, whose show business background merged well with the plumbing business. This allowed him to develop a major advertising campaign that had no precedent in the plumbing industry. The company also developed a jingle that became well-known throughout the Portland area. Rick Morlan and his children continue the family tradition and are involved in exciting customer events and community events.

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