Flowers Associated With Each Anniversary Year

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Special occasions always call for special ways of celebration. Are you even celebrating love and life if you don’t use fresh and fragrant flowers to give the atmosphere a romantic ambiance? Anniversary flowers are a necessary part of the celebration. And with so many flowers to choose from, you’re almost spoilt with choices.

However, with each wedding anniversary year, there’s an associated flower that renders a unique and special meaning. Check out this list to send flowers in Millville NJ by anniversary year to your dear ones.

  • 1st Anniversary – Carnation

Carnations have been long associated with young and passionate love. Hence, they are perfect to give to your dear ones on their first anniversary. Carnations are available in different colors and they symbolize the sweetness of love like no other flower. You can send a bunch of red or pink carnations to wish the couple a happy anniversary.

  • 2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

Cosmos flowers are beautiful. These simple-looking, charming blooms symbolize harmony, love, balance, and tranquility. Also, the flowers represent the transformation of simple love into a more complex version. You can find different shades of cosmos in the flower shops in Millville NJ like Colonial Flowers. Contact the florist or place an online order and get the bunch delivered on the couple’s second anniversary.

  • 3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

People often associate the strong stalk of the sunflower with the strong foundation of marriage. Also, the vibrant yellow petals of the sunflower represent love shining through the years. Hence, sunflowers are ideal for the third anniversary.

  • 4th Anniversary – Geranium

Geranium is a flower of beauty, familiarity, and comfort. In four years of marriage, a couple finds comfort in the bond. They become familiar with each other’s like, dislikes, and habits. Thus, geranium is an excellent fourth-anniversary blossom. You can avail of flower delivery in Deerfield Township NJ to send geraniums to your loved ones on their anniversary.

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  • 5th Anniversary – Daisy

Simple little daisies can mean a lot in relationships. They represent fidelity and forever love. The blooms are also symbolic of simplicity and innocence. They can remind the couple to maintain the simple and sweet love in the coming years.

  • 6th Anniversary – Calla Lily

Calla lily represents six years of marriage beautifully. The sophisticated and elegant blooms symbolize wisdom. They represent the growth and beauty of each partner in the relationship. So, if anyone you know is celebrating their 6th anniversary, send them a bunch of Calla lilies. Place online order and get the flowers delivered via anniversary flower delivery in Millville NJ offered by local florists like Colonial Flowers.

  • 7th Anniversary – Freesia

Freesia is a beautiful exotic-looking flower that’s perfect for anyone celebrating their 7th anniversary. The flowers have a great fragrance and they represent faithfulness and trust. The beautiful blooms also represent thoughtfulness, sweetness, and friendship which are the things you need for a happy marriage. Available in various colors, these fragrant blooms are ideal for the 7th anniversary.

  • 8th Anniversary – Clematis

Clematis are sweet, little blooms that stand for a beautiful mind and ingenuity. Giving clematis to a couple celebrating their 8th anniversary is just perfect because it shows how the partners respect and love each other’s intelligence, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. They also express how the couple has grown wiser over 8 years of their marriage.

  • 9th Anniversary – Poppy

Poppy is perfect for celebrating love. These flowers represent finesse and magnificence. Poppies also reflect a sense of peace and contentment that comes after long years of marriage. Hence, these red blooms are excellent for 9th anniversaries.

  • 10th Anniversary – Daffodil

Daffodils are small flowers. But when you create a bunch, they become magnificent. These radiant blooms are ideal for celebrating ten years of marriage as they symbolize how the little moments contributed to the ten long and happy years.

Isn’t this just beautiful? Now you can celebrate each anniversary year in a unique way, and use just the right flower to express your emotions. Colonial Flowers online flower shop is here for you to deliver fresh and beautiful flowers within hours to your doorstep. Get ordering now!


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