Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Custom Software in 2022


In this article, we will present you with five important reasons why your law firm needs custom immigration case management software to simplify management processes, legal documents, files and in order to automate various processes.

Why do law firms need modern technology?

Simply put, technology is amazing. It facilitates the tedious work and processes that previously needed to be carried out manually.

If you still do not incorporate modern technology to automate various processes in your law firm, it is necessary that you consider the time, money and work that you can save with a custom end-to-end cloud based immigration case management software.

Modern technologies have transformed the way law firms work, implementing new requirements, and for this reason, the legal sector needs to update its working methodologies, and one of the best approaches to achieve this is immigration law firm software.

With effective immigration client management software, you can easily increase your competitiveness and have a more significant margin of time. In addition, as an attorney, you must have realized from your experience. That you also need to be aware of several tasks and dedicate your time and space. To the investigation processes and preparation of documents.

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Types of technology to digitize a law firm

Case management system: A comprehensive case management system allows law firms to effectively manage the case in a more organized and efficient way. With its help, attorneys can have better control over the documents that their clients have shared and which ones they have received back. 

Collection system: It allows law firms’ employees to save time and focus on other activities. How much time do you spend charging your clients? The same time can be spend on other important tasks essential for your law firm’s growth. With a collection system, you can easily expand your payment methods, automate the administrative part of the collection and domicile of recurring charges. 

Document management: Nowadays, this technology is already used in several industries and is very useful for a law firm. With its help, attorneys can save their documents in the cloud, tag them to find them faster. Search them by content and even link them to specific cases. 

Electronic signature: In most cases, the significance of using the electronic signature depends on the legislation of the country. However, there is software which allows it to be endorse by the legal regulation. Which can save attorneys a lot of time while signing contracts.

Time registration and scheduling: An extensive time registration can help you charge and control those services you charge by the hour. It allows you to automatically time yourself while you work on documents, check email and more. This way, you can easily calculate costs and schedule receipts. 


Now that you know how technology can transform your work processes and help in the management of your law firm. If you are looking to transform your law firm, you can try imagility’s end-to-end immigration platform to remain competitive.


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