Everything about custom gift packaging and how to elevate your brand using them

Everything about custom gift packaging and how to elevate your brand using them

It is a good thing we use custom packaging to represent our products. These packaging boxes help convey info to the clients and also impress them. It is said that when you find a suitable case, you save time and money. By finding an appropriate box, you do not have to worry about your packaging from time to time. Meanwhile, you can also use the same case for many years to go. You must have noticed that many new sellers keep changing their packaging. The reasons? It is simple. The packaging box they use does not highlight the product as much as it should. And that is where our sales are affected.

In these competitive times, people are using luxurious boxes to highlight their products. And one of the boxes that have proved to be effective is Custom Gift Packaging. Do you want to let your product be known to the world? Do you want to elevate your brand by doing the bare minimum? If yes, then this article is for you. Let us tell you everything about custom packaging. And how to elevate your brand using them.

Using a unique yet suitable box:

Two-piece boxes.

Cardboard boxes.

Magnetic boxes.

Telescope boxes.

Flat-panel boxes.

Paperboard boxes.

We only named a few boxes getting used in the industry. There are many more packages that are unique and are used by sellers across the globe. It also depends on how creative you are, because you can always get custom gift card boxes. To get yourself the suitable box, study the product and its features. And you would know what box would perfectly represent it and would help increase the sales.

Customizing the box with the latest techniques:

  • Screen Printing.
  • Flexographic Printing.
  • 3D Printing.
  • LED UV.
  • Rotary Screen.
  • Gravure Printing.
  • Digital Printing.

All of these are the latest techniques getting used to personalize a box. Each method gives a unique yet elegant look. These methods are getting used by printing the brand theme on the box. Meanwhile, for gift packages, we should also use the process of engraving and embossing.

Make them luxurious by foiling:

Gift packaging boxes receive popularity because of their luxurious appearance. And to achieve that look, many companies are customizing their boxes with metalized foils. Foiling is the process of applying foil over the box with heat and pressure. The glossy look never fails in attracting the customer and impressing them instantly. Such a technique is getting adopted by many luxurious brands.

Overlapping them with lamination:

Laminating packaging is a way to protect the box. The role a box plays for products, the same way a lamination secures the box. In this way, the packaging always seems fresh and new. These days every packaging is laminated as it also serves the looks. There are mainly two types of lamination gaining popularity: gloss and matte lamination. In gloss lamination, the light is reflected giving a bright look to the box. Meanwhile, a matte lamination gives a dark vibe to the box.

Importance of the brand logo and slogan:

Brand identity plays a crucial role in our business. And two things help us represent our brand: the logo and the slogan. A logo is a signature of your brand, depicting the brand wherever it goes. Meanwhile, the slogan is the motto. It is a short yet catchy phrase that is often used in advertisements. A catchy slogan is so powerful that we might forget the brand name. But we could never forget the catchphrase.

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Ways to highlight the brand logo and slogan:

Several printing techniques help us give a sleek look to the box. But printing the logo on the box is old. Nowadays, we need to think out of the box. So how about carving in your logo or giving it a 3D look? Engraving and embossing are the methods that have to be effective.

In engraving, we use a laser or a heat source to carve a design onto the custom gift packaging. And then later, we can fill it in with metalized foil. Meanwhile, embossing is the opposite of engraving. In this process, we use a heat source and pressure to create a puffed-out image on the material. And hence it creates a 3D look. Both of these methods could be used for highlighting the brand identity. Or you can also customize any design on the box with these techniques. Luxurious brands around the globe are embracing these methods.

Make the best use of color, font, and space on the box:

When it comes to gift packaging, we always need to consider everything. We need to consider the font we use and its size. Meanwhile, we should also make use of the area. An amateur designer would not have enough space on the box to imprint info. Meanwhile, a professional designer knows how to print that info and make it look professional. A font must always be readable. Meanwhile, the font color should be in contrast with the box color. In this way, we make it easy for the customer to find certain info on the box.

Now elevate your brand using packaging boxes wholesale. And impress your customers with your gift packages.

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