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DedicatedCore is a leader in the provision of hosting services to businesses, developers, enthusiasts, and professionals working on cloud-hosted projects. The best vps hosting always offers 99.99% uptime with 1gbps network speed to experiece the lightning-fast website located in India. DedicatedCore hosting review will cover why the company is such a popular choice and why users rate it so highly.

DedicatedCore Key Features:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free jet-backups
  • Managed and DIY hosting
  • SSAE 16 compliant
  • Multiple control panels

DedicatedCore Pricing

Depending on your hosting needs, there’s a diverse offer of hosting plans and services available. As you can imagine, the price varies considerably, based on the resources the plan uses.

Whichever one you choose, quality service is provided across all plans. DedicatedCore has VPS, cloud, enterprise, and dedicated hosting plans while it offers managed and DIY approaches for maintaining servers.

Hurry up !! the premium dedicated hosting in america, offering you high-speed physical server performance and unlimited bandwidth with massive storage.  Each pricing plan is transparent.

Dedicated Server

DedicatedCore hosting reviews rate the company highly for its dedicated servers. There are three plans and server configurations to choose from, including bundled solutions with add-ons recommended by the hosting company.

As with other dedicated server hosting companies, the price of the plans varies if the subscription is paid per month, six months, or a year in advance. There are three plans available.

The most affordable Intel Xeon 1230v6 server has decent power for an introductory plan. The server comes with four cores at 3.9 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, two 240 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD backup, and 5 TB bandwidth, with cPanel included.

Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Single and Dual servers are similar, the main difference being the number of CPU cores and RAM. The Single version has a 16-core CPU and 32 GB of RAM, while the Dual version doubles these.

Both DedicatedCore servers are packed with enough storage space, with two 480 GB SSDs, and 2 TB of HDD backup. You also have 8 TB of bandwidth available per month.

Backup redundancies are essential for any online enterprise, and having 250 GB of Acronis Cyber Backups for free with your dedicated server is a perfect way to ensure your data’s security.

While you do have local HDD backups with the servers DedicatedCore is renting, cloud storage services synchronize and secure your data without impacting server resources while providing an extra layer of protection against ransomware.

Other bundled plans include additional features such as Threat Stack Oversight (a managed intrusion detection system), more cloud backup storage, Server Secure Plus, cPanel, higher bandwidth, and double the RAM of all servers.

Cloud Dedicated Servers

DedicatedCore hosting also has dedicated cloud servers that combine the power that cloud computing can provide with all the server resources available for your website, application, SaaS platform, or large reseller website.

Standard cloud dedicated options are similar to what DedicatedCore offers for dedicated servers but with increased SSD Raid-10 storage, including cPanel Pro, Plesk Web Pro, or InterWorx.

If you need more resources from your cloud server, high-performance solutions are available and are packed with NVMe U.2 SSD RAID-1 storage of 3.8 TB and more which we found impressive during our DedicatedCorereview.

Such hardware has a price tag starting at $579 per month and, with your customization, can go up to $1,500 per month.

Managed VPS Hosting

Dedicated hosting isn’t for everyone, and most people will be fine with virtual private server solutions that won’t impact their finances so severely. In this option, a single server is shared between multiple users.

If done correctly, such as with DedicatedCore VPS hosting, you get an affordable, fast, and reliable server with plenty of valuable features.

Plans are split based on the amount of RAM they use, and you can choose between Linux- and Windows-based servers. All servers use SSD storage, which is a preferable option among server hosting services.

Also, for users with websites that are still growing their audience, you’ll get plenty of bandwidth with 10 TB included in each subscription plan.

You can choose between multiple web hosting control panels like InterWorx, cPanel Admin, and Plesk Web Pro. Since VPS doesn’t have a  local backup drive, the 100 GB you can safely store with Acronis Cyber Backup does the trick.

If you select a DedicatedCore server with more options, bundles can save you anywhere from $60 to $100 per month. With a discount.

Ease of Use

DedicatedCore hosting has a significant advantage over competitors due to its fully managed plans, comprehensive knowledge base, and easy-to-use interface. The registration process is quick and requires only essential information from you.

We’ve already mentioned a selection of server control panels you can use to manage your website. If you need assistance, some of the most helpful and highly trained technicians are on standby 24/7/365.

Additional Features

Plenty of DedicatedCore features make the hosting service an exciting option for new users. With plenty of free themes, plugins for building pages, and mobile optimization, Nexcess is a handy hosting option for managing your online store or blog.

Nexcess and StellarWP

DedicatedCore has a family of brands, and Nexcess is one of them that’s focused on hosting for digital commerce. The cloud platform is perfect for users who intend to host managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans.

DedicatedCore Stellar WP produces premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugins for organizing events, fundraising, improving security, eCommerce, and page builders.

Cloud Flare CDN

DedicatedCore CDN is powered by Cloudflare. If you don’t have CloudFlare CDN integrated with your website, it’s worth considering this option. The benefits include speeding up your website.

Content Delivery Networks are distributed globally and, therefore, reduce the load time needed for visitors to view your website. By using a CDN, you also get other benefits, such as optimizing your site for search engines and lower bandwidth consumption expenses.


Security is an essential part of every reliable hosting service. DedicatedCore has an excellent selection of security add-ons you can integrate with your server.

Besides adhering to the specific standards we mentioned, available measures include DDoS protection, threat monitoring, intrusion detection, and hardware and software firewalls.

Why is it important to have these safeguards for your website or app? For instance, a Distributed Denial of Service attack is such a disruptive process since it brings massive traffic to your server.

Network and Power Uptime

So, what is the DedicatedCore uptime policy compared to other hosting providers? In 2021, DedicatedCore maintained a record-breaking 99.9992% annual uptime.

It means that users were offline for five minutes during the entire year. Furthermore, network and power uptime SLA is 100% guaranteed. As a result, the server can’t handle the demand, and your website crashes, leaving your platform or business inaccessible to your users.

VPS Hosting Available Control Panels

DedicatedCore has multiple control panels available. If you decide on using InterWorx, you’re not limited on the number of accounts you can have, hotfixes are implemented in real-time, and it’s licensed per server.

Additionally, you can have any number of sites with InterWorx, while Plesk Web Pro, for example, is limited to 30 domains and will cost you an extra $15 per month. The team also provides a proactive monitoring service, living up to the title of the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting.

Customer Service

The Dedicatedcore support team comprises Cisco, Windows, and Red Hat Linux-certified experts. Importantly, the team is available round-the-clock and responds within a minute to phone calls or chat requests.

Data Centers

DedicatedCore data centers are located in the US, UK, India, Germany, France, Canada, and Singapore. The compound in Lansing, MI, has the highest server capacity, counting more than 33,000.

DedicatedCore has more cloud and dedicated server options than SiteGround, making it a preferable choice for growing businesses or applications with a large user base.While DedicatedCore provides decent performance and excellent hosting service.

Bottom Line

DedicatedCore migration may be exactly what your website needs. Since the hosting service has plenty of options, you can easily upscale your server performance as your traffic and requirements grow.

The only downside is the lack of affordable pricing plans for enthusiasts designing and launching their first blogs or websites. If you decide to try out the DedicatedCore offer and server performance.


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