Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary

Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary

Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary Shock You! Have you ever wondered how much your favorite reality show personalities make? We have too, and we found out the salaries of a few stars of the E! network’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Ridiculousness with Chanel West Coast. Find out how they earn their money, and whether they feel as though their salary is fair.

Meet Chanel

Chanel is a Jamaican-born, Atlanta-based rapper that performs under the stage name Chanel West Coast. She is best known for her single I’m So High, which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013. In 2015, she starred as herself in the reality television series Road Trippin’ with Chanel West Coast and Kid Cudi.
In an interview with XXL Magazine, Chanel revealed that she was paid $10,000 for her first verse on Tyga’s 2010 hit Deuces. She also confirmed that she was paid a salary of $20000 per episode of Road Trippin’. While she did not disclose how much money she made from her song I’m So High, according to industry insiders, it could be between $50000-$100000.

How much Chanel makes as a reality star

Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary Shock You! As of 2017, Chanel is reported to make $10,000 per episode. This means that if she has completed five seasons, then she would have made $50,000 total in just reality TV salary. Her annual salary is probably a little bit higher than this because of sponsorships and her merchandising income. The average US family makes around $59,000 per year so as you can see she is making substantially more than the average American and it doesn’t appear that her career is slowing down anytime soon.
It’s pretty safe to say that with all of her social media endorsements and clothing line, she will be able to live comfortably without ever having to work again. Her 2016 song Pretty Mess reached number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart which is unheard of for any artist not named Taylor Swift or Rihanna. She even teamed up with rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for a song called Thrift Shop. So Chanel has also done quite well for herself in music, aside from being an influencer on Youtube.

What made her leap?

Chanel West Coast has always been one to be in the spotlight. She is a reality tv star, a model, and an actress. We are used to seeing her on TV, but what about her salary?
Chanel’s net worth is $5 million. Her salary has not been reported yet. But if we’re going off of what she earns as a reality tv star, then it’s most likely something in the ballpark of $500,000 per season. If we’re looking at other celebrities with similar careers, then that number might seem very low. And that’s because even though she is famous, she isn’t exactly pulling in top dollar.
To put this into perspective, fellow reality star Kourtney Kardashian made around $10 million last year alone!
But when you consider all the work Chanel does with social media and endorsements for companies like Beats by Dre or Budweiser-Coors beer (among many others), it makes sense that her net worth can be so high at such a young age (she just turned 31).

Could you do it?

It’s hard to believe that people can be so reckless. When you’re a celebrity, everything you do is scrutinized and when it comes to money, there is never enough. It seems like Channels overspending has finally caught up with her and she’s facing bankruptcy.
She was famous for her singing career but since then she’s been more well-known for her reality show which chronicles the life of an heiress who spends frivolously on lavish vacations and designer clothes. She also makes appearances on other TV shows as a celebrity guest. As much as we love watching the drama unfold in her personal life, it’s sad to see someone with such potential in financial ruin. After all, there are many young girls out there who idolize celebrities and want to live their lives vicariously through them.

I bet she regrets it…

Chances are, Chanel probably regrets it now. Besides the fact that her videos are unorganized and not as funny as they once were, she is making less money.
MTV pays her around $6,000 per video. It’s been said that she used to make anywhere from $25,000-$50,000 for each one. She also has a clothing line with Macy’s but I’m not sure if the sales are going well or not because I can’t find any information about it.
Anyway…if you’re thinking about quitting your job to do something like this then keep in mind that it might be worth waiting a little bit just to see how things work out for her first before deciding on whether or not to quit your job! You don’t want to be doing the same thing as someone who will regret it later on down the road.


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