Bridesmaid Dresses Selection using Color Theory for a Phenomenal Wedding Party


Selecting the perfect Bridesmaid dress is crucial for a wedding party theme. There are various colors and styles to choose an appropriate dress. Whether you choose the timeless spirit of black, the fire of red, or the earthiness of green, selecting the right color for your bridesmaid dresses allows you to express your style and set the spirit for the celebration. Consider the wedding occasion, your personal style, and the weather season for choosing the perfect dress for a wedding party.

Color Theory of Vogue Party Dress colors

Understanding what each color depicts would give a clear idea of selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

  • Black: A black bridesmaid dress would make you look chic without overdoing the outfit. Moreover black is a timeless color and you can recreate your black dress in many ways. Black would go in contrast with the white wedding gowns of the bride, creating a perfect balance of colors. 
  • Green: Greens are one of the royal colors, there are several shades of green you can choose for the wedding. The first thing to consider while choosing color is the theme of the wedding party. The green color depicts harmony and nature that would be perfect for your bridesmaid dresses.
  • Blue: If the wedding party is in winter, blue would be a perfect color for bridesmaid dresses. Blue in combination with silver looks classy for a wedding party. A blue dress would be a good way to reflect trust and calmness at a wedding party.
  • Violet: A violet bridesmaid dress would be a unique color for a wedding party. violet would make bold statements and exude luxury and sophistication. Moreover, violet dresses would look extremely vibrant with a bride’s white gown.
  • Red: Red bridesmaid dresses are a perfect way to deduct the aura of love and romance. Moreover, the Red dress of the bridesmaid would look extremely graceful with a white gown of the bride and black suit of the groom.
  • Yellow: Choose pastel yellow shades for bridesmaid dresses. It will create a sense of purity and vibrancy in the wedding party. Yellow dresses would be a thoughtful choice for summer wedding parties.

Dress Variations to try for Wedding Party 

Choosing bridesmaid dresses is a big task. There are various things to be considered such as weather, party theme, personal style, etc. Most commonly the maxi dresses with strappy sleeves look elegant for a bridesmaid. However, don’t restrict yourself to traditional bridesmaid dress styles. You can also plan to wear midi or mini dresses to be a perfect bridesmaid.

How to style Bridesmaid dresses 

Always consider the color theory to style accessories, hair, and footwear for wedding parties. You can choose to wear a belt on your bridesmaid dresses. You can also carry a messy bun with bow ties. You can store your dress with block heels to lace stiletto heels to finish your bridesmaid look. You can carry leather jackets or soft Woolen scarfs with your bridesmaid dresses at winter weddings. There are many ways to style your dresses, choose what matches your theme and preference.

Hello Molly Dresses for bridesmaid

Here are a few bridesmaid dresses for you. Select and style a unique dress that would blend with the wedding theme.

  • No Cloudy Skies Satin Maxi dress Navy: A deep navy blue satin dress makes you look like the best bridesmaid. Style your dress with a messy bun and kitten heels to attend the wedding.
  • Stand on My Own Midi Dress Rust: It’s An ultimate bridesmaid dress. The dress has a rusty golden hue which will look amazing on all skin types. The satin fabric gives the dress a stylish finish. The dress has elegant thin shoulder straps. 
  • Intricate Love Satin Maxi Dress Yellow: It’s a one-shoulder satin bridesmaid dress. The dress has glitter lace cutout detail on one side. The dress is fitted on the top and flared at the bottom.
  •  Choose Style Lace Maxi Dress Navy: The most elegant and stylish dress for bridesmaids. The dress has a V-neckline with sleeveless appeal. The dress is made of beautiful blue lace fabric. The dress flared at them giving a sheer elegant look for a bridesmaid dress.
  • Samba Away Midi Dress Red: Red is an extremely bold color that will look amazing in contrast with a bride’s white dress. This dress has a criss-cross back design giving a fun element to your bridesmaid dress and the front hem of the dress has ruffle details.

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Hello Molly has a wide collection of dresses ranging from midi to maxi for survival occasions like wedding parties. You can explore wide color options to get a perfect bridesmaid dress. Explore dress styles and fittings to get the most special dress for the wedding. Consider the color theory and wedding theme to select the perfect bridesmaid dresses.


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