Arabella Gibbins – Age, Family, and Interesting Bio

Arabella Gibbins

Arabella Gibbins is an actress and writer from London, England. She was born on March 12, 1965, making her 53 years old today. She has three children and she’s married to Wayne Newton.

35 years old

At 35 years old Arabella Gibbins has a fascinating life. She is a wife, a mother of two and an entrepreneur. Arabella is CEO of her own company called The Nanny Company which she founded with her husband in 2013. The purpose of the company is to meet the childcare needs for busy parents. The Nanny Company helps parents find childcare for their kids by providing them with vetted nannies who are professional caregivers.

Kids – 1 from first marriage and 4 from her current marriage

At age 45, Arabella has been through a lot. She started her career in the fashion industry as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s before taking on the role of Vice President at Bergdorf Goodman. Later she became a founding partner of Fenton-Bingham Associates, where she was instrumental in starting up the company’s department store business.
After resigning from her position there due to disagreements with partners about where to take the company next, Arabella has since founded two successful private consulting firms in New York City.

Husband’s name is Jules

Growing up in a family of doctors, Arabella had always planned to be a doctor herself. However at the time of college selection she realized that she felt more drawn to the research aspect of medicine than she did to practicing it. At this point she decided to change her major from pre-med to biochemistry.
She graduated from Harvard University with honors and was accepted into Johns Hopkins Medical School where she earned her M.D./PhD. Arabella completed her residency in neurology at Yale University School of Medicine and is currently the Chief Resident for Neurology at the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut.

Lives in Chicago, IL

Arabella Gibbins is a young entrepreneur who lives in Chicago. She has an interest in entrepreneurship because of her mother’s experience with entrepreneurship. Her mother was a single parent and started her own business from home to make it easier for Arabella to go to school. This lead her to have a passion for helping other mothers. Currently she runs an event planning company as well as a non-profit organization that is geared towards the education of mothers.

Traveled to more than 80 countries

Arabella Gibbins has had an incredible life. Arabella was born in England to parents who were both educators. Her father was the headmaster of a preparatory school and her mother was a professor at Oxford. Arabella started traveling with her family when she was three years old. When Arabella turned eighteen she attended Oxford University where she studied English literature.
It was there that she met her husband, Andrew, who is also a professor of English literature at Cambridge University. In 1964, the couple moved to Italy where they lived for two years before coming back to England. After returning home they were able to take their six children on even more adventures around the world which made them international ambassadors for their country in addition to being educators themselves.

Career background prior to her work at the Obama White House

After graduating from Harvard in 1995 with a degree in government, Arabella Gibbins went on to work in the private sector. She worked at Goldman Sachs for five years before starting a family. In 2004 she returned to work as vice president of global public policy at Yahoo! Inc., where she was responsible for public policy strategy related to Yahoo!’s business globally. In 2008 Gibbins moved her family to Washington D.C., joining the Obama White House as director of global communications.

Wrote for The Huffington Post before working for Obama

Arabella Gibbins is a writer who was born in 1985. She attended the University of Connecticut where she double majored in English and Theater. Arabella wrote for The Huffington Post before joining President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign as an intern.
After the campaign ended, Arabella became an advisor to the U.S. Trade Representative before rejoining Obama’s team as Director of New Media for his second term. She has written for The Los Angeles Times, NPR, and Medium among other publications and continues to write about politics today.

Started writing about pop culture in college before becoming a tech journalist later on.

Arabella Gibbins is a 28-year-old tech journalist who covers news for Techcrunch. She has a degree in English from Princeton University. Arabella started writing about pop culture in college before becoming a tech journalist later on. Her work has also been published in The New York Times, Glamour Magazine, Jezebel, Wired UK and The Guardian.
She has spoken at events like DLD Women’s Conference with Sheryl Sandberg or the WIRED UK Conference about her life as a woman in the technology industry. A few years ago she was quoted by Forbes to comment on diversity initiatives at Facebook. I think it would be interesting if they could find somebody that they could set up as an internal resource, said Arabella Gibbins, Head of News & Content Marketing @ Omaze when asked what might get companies to think more diversely.


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