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How about we serve you dessert rolled into a joint? Well, this is absolutely possible with the legendary London Pound Cake strain. Reminiscent of your favorite dessert cake, this strain is for the sweet-toothed. This majestic hybrid is not only tasty but brilliantly potent and is considered among the heavy hitters. 

And if you too want to satiate your sweet tooth, we guarantee, this hybrid is going to be the perfect appetizer for you. With the right mix of potency and taste, odds are, this strain will knock you off your feet. So, if you are pondering to add this wonderful hybrid to your cart, find the best flowers at Here is a complete guide that covers all the basics about this strain. Leave the worrying to the experts as we get you started with all the basics.

London Pound Cake: Strain overview

The mighty London Pound Cake is a relatively new introduction for users and the hybrid is an indica dominant one. The genetics of the London Pound Cake can be traced back to the Sunset Sherbet and an unknown indica strain. This strain was first bred by Cookies.

Bringing on the best of both parents, the London Pound Cake offers a mix of sweet and gassy flavors that makes the complete flavor profile quite appealing. Expect a general potency of around 20 to 30 percent THC per batch which makes the strain very attractive for experienced users and has been able to offer many wellness benefits that many seek for.

About the parent strain

Sunset Sherbet is the only known parent of the London Pound Cake. Sherbet is an indica dominant hybrid, drawing roots from the Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies strain to give of its amazing jolt of cerebral high accompanied by a lovely flavor. Featuring a sweet dessert like flavor with skunky notes and a citric undertone, the flavor profile of the Sunset Sherbet is brilliantly mirrored in the London Pound Cake. Sunset Sherbet has an average THC content of around 18 percent which offers a very relaxing and uplifting experience with every puff of this wonderful strain. Try out the Sunset Sherbet before trying the London Pound Cake and you should easily be able to see the legacy carried forward.

Flavor profile of the London Pound Cake

The flavor is easily the highlight of the London Pound Cake. Setting itself apart, every puff of this delicious hybrid lends a very sweet and spicy flavor. Somewhat reminiscent of butter and vanilla. This is very well complemented by the nutty and gassy undertones. Exhales leave behind a very citrusy and fresh aftertaste. 

This amazing flavor profile is what has led to the legendary status of this strain. The London Pound Cake with such a great taste and aroma perfectly justifies the name.

Major terpenes in the London Pound Cake strain

Let’s get the besics of terpenes out of the way first. Terpenes are found in plants. These are the compounds in the cannabis plant responsible for the complete taste and flavor of the strain. 

Major terpenes found in the London Pound Cake strain include

  • Myrcene: Myrcene is the terpene that lends herbal, plant-like flavors to the strain. This is also responsible for the gassy undertones of the London Pound Cake strain.
  • Caryophyllene: Also, the dominant terpene found in peppers, this wonderful terpene offers this hybrid with spicy and peppery notes. Caryophyllene is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Limonene: The citric terpene. Wondering where does the tangy notes in the strain come from? Well, blame limonene for that. This terpene is responsible for the fresh, tangy notes in the London Pound Cake strain.

Effects of the strain

The London Pound Cake is best known for night time use thanks to its high sedative properties. Users who have consumed this hybrid has reported feeling sleepy and relaxed after consuming the strain. While others have noted a full body high that has helped them relax and de-stress after a long day. No matter what users report, this strain has some amazing effects that can surely sweep you off your feet.

Do note that these reported effects are based on user accounts and not on actual scientific proof. Experiences and effects after consuming the London Pound Cake will vary between users. In case of any uneasiness, it is always better to consult a healthcare specialist.

Benefits of the London Pound Strain

Like most other strains, the London Pound Cake too has been noted for its beneficial role in wellness. Reported by users, many have noted that the strain has been able to help them relieve stress and anxiety. While others have noted that the strain has helped them unwind and get a better sleep. While these all are user based claims and no medical proof is there to back the claims, the London Pound Cake stands to be a favorite for its wellness factor.

Side effects of the strain

With a high THC percentage, hovering around the 20 to 30 percent mark, the London Pound Cake is not for inexperienced users. Even experienced users must take it slow when consuming this strain. Major side effects reported by users include dizziness, headaches, dry throat and mouth and even paranoia. High dose of THC can cause many users to green out and therefore, we always recommend to start slow with a low dose and wait approximately 30 minutes before consuming more to get the full picture of how the strain is affecting you.

Note that side effects may vary. Do not mix this strain with any other prescription drugs as well. The outcome can be very unpredictable. In case of any confusion, it is best to consult a health care professional.

Bringing a flavorsome experience with every puff, London Pound Cake easily ranks among the top strains for any given year. A brilliantly sweet and relishing taste with potent effects packed in, London Pund Cake flowers are in high demand year round. So, next time you crave a little something sweet, crack open a pack of the London Pound Cake and get baked with a sweet tooth. The perfect dessert to end the day.


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