Aircraft Charter Guide For Beginners

Aircraft Charter Guide For Beginners

Traveling on commercial flights means you get only one seat for the money paid. Commercial flights are common, as finding someone today who has never experienced it is like finding a needle in the haystack. Furthermore, businessmen do not have a fixed schedule and no time to wait in case of the unavailability of tickets. Needless to mention the long queues and luggage restriction. Therefore, traveling commercially means you need to be prepared for all possibilities.

Do you want to know something out of the box that can make all these issues disappear? Chartering a private jet can be a way out. As compared to commercial flights, you get the whole aircraft to travel comfortably and privately, with custom food, and above all, no more waiting in queues. However, if you are new to traveling privately, you must know some tips beforehand. A well-reputed private jet charter company can guide you through the way. But knowledge is never a waste.

Why is chartering a private jet better than commercial flights?

Time is precious as a business is a dog-eat-dog world in the modern era. As said above, commercial flights give you a limited space to sit and work. If you have multiple executives chartering a private jet is a better idea as it gives you more space, and you can work or hold meetings on the plane, ultimately saving time and maximizing the outcomes.

Furthermore, commercial flights have limited airports they can land on. Conversely, private jets can land at any airport located anywhere, at any time. In addition, it flies higher than commercial ones; thus, it can even fly over the storm.  You have more luggage space if you travel privately and can hire a chef to get custom meals.

Types of Private jets

Private jets are mainly classified into 6 different types, and below are the details:

Light jets are the smallest ones and are suitable for city-to-city travel. They are suitable for 4 to 7 passengers with a flight range of a thousand miles.  With a minimum speed of 340 t0 420 knots, they can land on short runways.

If you want to travel farther, mid-size jets are for you. They have the capacity to carry 6 to 8 passengers and can travel up to 4700km. In addition, you will get more cabin space and seating options.

Super midsize aircraft come next in the line giving the space to 7 to 9 passengers. Likewise, it can travel 6200 km (5 to 6 hours) and is best for coast-to-coast travel.

Airliners are the largest private jets and can accommodate up to 30 passengers and can travel for 10 hours or more. They provide state-of-the-art amenities and a flight attendant to ensure comfortable travel.

How to charter the best suitable aircraft?

 Planning to travel privately but have no idea where to start? Do not worry. Below are some tips to ensure safe travel and the best experience.

1.       Choose the one with suitable capabilities

As aforementioned, private jets have different categories. The first step in chartering a jet is to decide whether you want one for a business trip or planning a family vacation. The number of passengers, traveling distance, how many stops you are planning to make during the trip, and your budget, are all that matter to charter the best jet with suitable capabilities.

2.       Know about your charter operator

The Charter operator directly manages the aircraft and crews the fleet of jets. Ask for credentials and check the operator’s certificate, track record, or insurance policy to ensure a safe trip. In addition, ask for references to get your money’s worth. You can ask if they are satisfied with the operator and their services which will help you make the best decision.  

3.       Choose the renowned charter broker

Hire a renowned charter broker who can release you from the hassle of searching for the best operator. You can get listings and make the best choice.

4.       Pick out the right aircraft

As said above, private jets for sale come in all sizes. The right choice depends on the number of passengers, your destination, and your budget. Take all these points into consideration before chartering an aircraft.

Wrap Up

Chartering a private jet gives you the luxury of traveling comfortably and saving time. Whether planning a vacation with family or a business trip with executives, private jets can make the trip homely, leading to more productivity gains and creating new memories. 


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