Adam Thornton Jr . was an Amazing Man: Funeral Expenses and How to Pay for Them

Adam Thornton Jr

Adam Thornton Jr

Adam Thornton Jr ., beloved husband and father, was an amazing man who will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Thornton Jr. died suddenly at age 43, leaving behind his wife of 18 years, Anne Thornton, and two children, Adam Thornton III and Mandy Thornton, now aged 13 and 9.

A charitable organization has set up an account to help with funeral expenses and how to pay them off so the family can get back to living normal lives as soon as possible after this tragedy…

Step One – Gather Documents

Adam Thornton Jr died at the age of forty on May 24th, 2019. The first step in processing a death with funeral expenses is gathering all relevant documents, such as the deceased’s will, which contains the person’s wishes about their estate, funeral arrangements or other instructions about what should happen to their body following death.

The next step is paying for any outstanding bills that are owing and making arrangements to ensure final payments are sent as soon as possible. Adam’s family may also want to hire someone to manage his affairs, such as handling his bills and finances. It may be necessary for Adam’s family members to go through his personal belongings, depending on the arrangement he has made in his will or if there are no surviving relatives.

Adam leaves behind one daughter (named Robin). His mother died before he did and he never married again so she is left without any siblings or close relatives who can help her make decisions. Adam Thornton Jr was survived by many friends who loved him dearly.

Step Two – Call Around

How do you make arrangements when you are a low-income family? Find out how the IFC funeral program works. Read more on the Adam Thornton Jr’s funeral expenses, who had many needs like us, but his circumstances were different as he died of cardiac arrest while playing basketball in his driveway and didn’t have life insurance policy or savings account (which is common).

The Adam Thornton Jr funeral fund could help them pay for the casket, hearse transportation costs, floral bouquets, burial site costs and professional services.

Adam Thornton Jr

Step Three – Finalize Costs

Adam Thornton Jr. funeral expenses can be difficult to handle, especially if you don’t know where to start or how much it will cost. Here are a few things you need to know about the cost of a funeral service before you move forward with your plans for Adam’s final resting place.

Funerals can cost anywhere from $7,000 – $15,000 depending on many factors including the type of casket, cemetery plot, headstone and other services or products selected by the family during the planning process.

Keep in mind that this is just one expense that must be considered when planning Adam’s final arrangements; cremation could also be necessary if burial is not desired by the family or is not permitted at his chosen location.

Step Four – Acknowledge Where You Are

When it comes time to pay for funeral expenses, there are a few options open to you. First, you can pay for them out of pocket; if you have the money, this is the most straightforward option. Second, if you are receiving life insurance benefits from your deceased loved one, the insurance company will often cover funeral expenses as part of the benefit payout (although they may require a lump sum payment upfront).

Finally, if your loved one had savings or other investments that yielded income before their passing (such as stocks), those funds can be used towards paying for funeral expenses with a simple transfer of funds from their accounts into yours.

Step Five – Start Saving Now

When people think about the cost of funeral expenses, they sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the figure that it represents. Although some may want to ignore the financial consequences, if you can’t cover those costs yourself, then it’s best to start saving now.

By knowing the estimated cost ahead of time, you can save accordingly for a rainy day; and not risk relying on credit cards or other short-term sources of funding during this difficult time of grief.

Let’s say Adam Thornton Jr needed a funeral with basic services in Greenwood Memorial Gardens on a Saturday at noon at a price of $3,495-$3,995 – that would take around $5,849 in savings just waiting on hand without any future needs factored into consideration.

Step Six – Keep Up With Bills

When considering funeral expenses, it is important to plan ahead so that your loved one can be given a dignified farewell with all of the dignity they deserve. A lot of people think that this process is expensive, but there are many resources available to help you manage funeral expenses within your budget.

Final Words

As a family, we were faced with the responsibility of figuring out how to pay for Adam’s funeral expenses, but we knew that he would not want us to struggle on his behalf.

After talking with Adam’s widow, we found a way that would be right up his alley–a golf tournament fundraiser in which participants could choose either a hole-in-one contest or a putting contest as their method of fundraising.


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