A Guide on Manhole Installation

How to install Manhole

Before completing the installation of a manhole, it is important to understand the specifications of the product. To avoid mistakes, you should always use approved manhole components during manhole installation. The following sections provide a brief guide to installing a manhole. Then, check out the Footrests and Concrete bed. There is a common misconception about manhole height. Here, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How to install Manhole?

The standard specifies the materials, installation methods, and methods of inspection. It applies to manholes in both new and existing structures and applies to both reinforced and strengthened concrete manholes. A maintenance hole is a pipe used to dispose of liquid wastes and wastewater. Its proper installation can minimize the risk of flooding or damage to the surrounding environment.

Concrete bed

The process of installing a maintenance hole includes the preparation of the Manhole and the construction of the concrete bed. You must install the pipe with resilient connectors to ensure a leak-free installation.

Precast channels at the base of the maintenance hole help reduce the risk of blockages and improve the efficiency of the sewer line. The manhole base is constructed to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and is available in various sizes and configurations. Brick utility holes require extensive labor inside a trench.

Other complications include soil compaction and wet weather. Precast concrete manholes are the best solution to these problems. For a better installation, you should follow the manufacturer’s specifications and consult an experienced professional before installing the Manhole.


The footrest for manhole installation is a part of the Manhole’s mounting structure. Its legs fix into the manhole wall. The footrest for manhole installation is easy to install with the help of a mounting plate. It comes with a safety rod and handrail to ensure that the person using the footrest does not fall into the Manhole. The mounting structure is durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

The footrests for maintenance hole installation must be installed with proper spacing of 30 cm vertically and staggered horizontally. The footrests should be 10 cm higher than the manhole cover, with the topmost rest about 45 cm above the ground. Joining two sewers at the same invert level is prohibited in a maintenance hole.

The invert of the smaller sewer at the junction with the main shall be at least two-thirds the diameter of the main. The smaller sewer should deliver sewage in the same direction as the main. This requires proper junction making.

Pipe stubs with flexible couplings

When installing a maintenance hole, you must make all required connections to the public sewer system of the building. This includes pipe stubs that connect to a manhole. You should install sewer mains in a straight alignment between manholes, core existing manhole walls, and install an insert to ensure water-tightness. You mustl install sewer pipes per the manufacturer’s recommended procedures.

When installing a maintenance hole, you should provide shop drawings detailing all required sections. The drawings should indicate the size and height of each segment of the Manhole. The profile drawing must include all segments of the Manhole in the profile. You must draw these drawings to scale. You must provide the contractor with a copy of the drawings to ensure quality control.

Catch basin insert

A  catch basin insert is a patented filtration system installed in maintenance holes. The mesh basket captures 100% of plastics and gross solids over 5mm. You can customize the system with interchangeable performance liners ranging from 100 to 1000 microns.

Final Words

Above ,we have told you about Manhole installation. Manholes construct where a pipe makes a change or connection. The spacing between two maintenance holes must be adequate to be used effectively. Start by finding an area where you want to install your Manhole. You should know how to excavate a trench and prepare the ground for installing a maintenance hole unit.


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