7 Tips To Make An Impressive Business Card

7 Tips To Make An Impressive Business Card

You might have come across various types of business cards from different companies.

But what were the ones that made you impressed? Was it the color palette of the cards or the taglines written on them?

Marketers feel that business cards are very effective in reaching out to customers. But that can only happen if the cards are unique and quirky.

An average business card can cost you anything between $10 and $500, so it’s important to know how to make your business stand out.

Here are some useful tips for printing impressive business cards that your customers will admire.

1. Choose your colors wisely

Depending on what your brand offers your audience, you must choose the color palette properly.

However, don’t choose colors at random. This will only make your card look messy and disorganized.

Go for soft tones, such as beige and navy blue.

Or, if you wish to impress high-profile clients, then go for minimalist colors like steel gray and white.

Ensure the colors are spread out properly on the card, so it doesn’t look cluttered.

2. Find the right font

Business cards should always have a clean, legible font. If the font is too cursive or styled, your customers won’t be able to read anything written on the cards.

The chosen font should reflect your brand. For example, if your company is a publishing house, you can choose a simple typewriter font. Or, if you’re an interior designer, you can go for something elegant.

Make sure that the body font is at least 8 points in size and that the main headings are slightly bigger.

3. Insert a QR code

In today’s digitalized world, QR codes have become everything. But, of course, if you want to print premium business cards, you’ll have to keep the written information as little as possible.

Here is when a QR code can be useful. Simply generate a code for your company and ask viewers to scan it.

This way, they can be directed to your company’s website or can read more about your brand’s services and products.

You can also create a link between your website and other online platforms.

4. Make your cards multitask

Did you know that you could make your cards multitask by assigning them to other important jobs?

For example, you can have your company’s basic information printed on the front, complete with the logo and other necessary things.

But if the back of the card is blank, you can always use it to attract more customers through loyalty points or scratch card offers.

If you have a restaurant, include a sign-up discount of 5% on the back by installing a code that can be revealed by scratching.

5. Create a 3D effect

Many business companies also create a 3D effect on their cards, making them look unique.

A 3D effect gives the impression that the letters, or some portion of the cards, are raised above the others.

It also gives the cards a different look and experience, which is a good way of making your brand stand out.

This idea will bring your cards to life, and your customers will also remember this unusual style. As a result, you have higher chances of them becoming loyal customers of your business.

6. Use impressive visuals

Visuals are everything in a company, and this includes business cards too. Since one side of the card will be filled with the company’s details, the other side needs to have as little information as possible.

Too much writing can make your cards appear clumsy. So make sure to include good textures and bright visuals.

For example, if you own a clothing company, the back of the card can represent a fabric texture. Or, if you have a flower shop, use floral prints on the back.

7. Maximize your logo

Remember, your business cards are a representation of your company. And customers are much more likely to feel connected with your company once they see a logo.

You can even dedicate one entire side to your brand logo and its tagline to make the viewers remember it for a longer time.

Even if you don’t have that space, remember to put your logo on top, so it’s visible on the card. You can even create a 3D effect on the logo for extra creativity.

Over to you…

After you have finished designing your business cards, make sure to proofread them again and again. This way, there will be no errors in the final print. And you will leave as amazing of an impression as you desire!


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