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5 Tricks About Candle Boxes That You Should Know


If you are passionate about the growth of your candle business, then you should try creative ideas to enhance the aesthetics of your product. That’s when custom candle packaging comes in. Candles have deep into our daily life because they are fashionable. Candles are luxurious products, available in a variety of shapes and textures. People use candles for special events and gifting each other.

Customers believe that if a product looks outstanding from the outside, it must also be good inside. In other words, candles with premium quality candle boxes wholesale packaging boost brand visibility by creating a pleasing appearance in the retail packaging. That is something you shouldn’t ignore, though.

5 Tricks to Design Candle Boxes

Use custom candle boxes for presenting your scented candles. These boxes come in three different cardstock thicknesses or corrugated cardboard. They are thicker than regular business cards and postcards while still being lightweight. Choose the best material for your packaging while making candle boxes to display your candles.

1.      Add Exciting and Fun Elements

Using candle packaging boxes to create an aesthetic branding campaign would have incredible results. You can get custom boxes with your logo to ensure your business is recognized as unique in the marketplace. Also, you may include some shiny and glittering touches in your packaging to entice the candle market. You can choose from a plethora of printing options using the custom box. Also, you can emboss your texts directly on the boxes, giving them a more attractive appearance.

2.      Choose Suitable Design

When creating packaging for your company, you must remember that women make up most candle buyers. You must ensure that your candle box packaging can entice your female customers to buy your products. To attract your female customers to your candles, you must print some floral designs of something traditional but glittery.

3.      Wrap with Gold Foil

You can use cardboard that has been gold foiled for the packaging of candles. The boxes will make your candles look more attractive than they already do. Resulting to that, customers looking for lavishing products will buy your candles. Also, it will give them the appearance of being the genuine luxury item they are. We think this is one of the most outstanding solutions available to create a luxurious look.

Customers looking for a birthday or wedding gift will find custom candle boxes attractive. You can see how adding gold foil wraps to your custom box packaging can boost sales and generate more revenue. Use it as wedding favor packaging and add brand printing on the front of the candle box to make your candles look even more opulent.

4.      Choose Offset Printing

Customizing the box for your candles is easy with offset printing. The procedure involves printing the picture or pattern on the surface with a unique finished box. The glossy coating makes the finished box appear polished and refined. Custom printed boxes play a significant role in attracting customers. Premium materials like wood or cardboard can improve brand recognition and maintain product quality.

5.      Use Suitable Finishing Technique

It’s essential to pick the correct material for custom candle packaging. A single sheet of paper or corrugated cardboard is frequently used to build personalized boxes, which makes them stronger and lighter.

Cardboard is a beautiful option for lightweight products because it may also be used as a mailing box. You can further customize box appearance by selecting the type of finish and material for custom candle boxes.

Decorating the customized candle boxes will give your product branded look. These boxes are a fantastic method to display your product, especially if you choose eye-catching designs. You can include a logo or other branding elements, including the company name.


Custom candle boxes can help you strengthen your brand identification and give your customers a unique experience. The wrapping not only looks lovely but also shields the item from harmful substances.

Also, customers will love to recommend printed candles in lovely candle boxes to their friends. Consider printing relevant information on your custom candle packaging if you want to make an impression on your customers.



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