Why you should look for Dental Implants Just after you lose a tooth?

best dental implants in Purnia

A dental implant is a treatment that consists of placing a prosthesis in the place of a missing tooth. The procedure offers not only aesthetic benefits to the patient, but also improves chewing and restores dental arch stability. Therefore, it is worth investing in implantation, as the absence of a tooth can harm oral health and even the digestive system, as it compromises the grinding of food.

People have become increasingly vain these days, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health and self-esteem. They have been looking for ways to feel more comfortable with themselves when they look in the mirror. We know that the face, and especially the mouth, is the first area that other people look at and notice. Because of this, most of those who want to change something in the body start there. Taking care of the lips and teeth, to get a beautiful smile, dental implants are one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to rehabilitation treatment.

Why place a dental implant?

As it was said at the beginning, people do these procedures not only aiming at aesthetics but also self-esteem and health, since the best dental implants in Purnia can generate several problems, let’s understand why it is so important.

Missing teeth can directly compromise the chewing of various foods and disrupt communication, it can also move the other teeth, causing them to be crooked and impact the opening and closing of the mouth, also known as occlusion.

Dental implant benefits

This type of procedure can guarantee several advantages and is indicated for most patients who lose their teeth.

Regarding installation and maintenance, the dental implant does not need to wear out the other teeth, unlike other procedures that are performed.

In addition to being permanent, the best dental implants in Purnia are more durable and appear to be natural teeth, which is why it is so recommended by experts. Because of this, they are usually more comfortable and hardly ever result in any failure during your treatment.

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How is a dental implant done?

Dental implants are done under local anesthesia. The dentist makes a cut in the gum and then a small hole in the jawbone to fit the pin. Normally, the screw is made of titanium, a very strong metal that guarantees good support for the prosthesis. Finally, the artificial tooth is placed, which can be made of resin or porcelain. Implant placement can also be done using a guided technique, with virtually no incision. This leads to a much smoother postoperative period.


  1. Dentists recommend daily brushing and flossing after dental implant surgery.
  2. Taking care of artificial teeth is no different from taking care of natural teeth.
  3. The implants should be checked on a regular basis by the dentist. That way, you may be assured that your teeth and gums will always be in good condition. Visiting the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning is also a good idea.

Does a dental implant hurt?

The treatment of this procedure is not painful. The gingival or gums, which are the most sensitive part of the process, are anesthetized throughout the surgery, so there is no pain. In the part of the bone, where the prosthesis is placed, there may be some discomfort, but nothing too much.

If in certain cases it is necessary, the dentist can prescribe anti-inflammatory injections a few hours before the surgery and soon after, give some medicine, with antibiotics and painkillers.


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