Ingrid Lyne: A case of love gone wrong

Ingrid Lyne

Ingrid Lyne was found dead in her house on 26 April 2016. She had been murdered by Gary Steiner, who was her fiance at the time of her death and it was reported that he raped and killed her before dumping her body in the woods near North Bend, Washington state.

The Perfect Stranger

On the morning of April 4, 2016, a woman named Ingrid Lyne was found dead in her Seattle home. Her body had been dismembered and stuffed into two suitcases which were found inside her house. The perpetrator then left with the suitcases and dumped them in front of a nearby church.
Detectives have now revealed that she was killed by her boyfriend, John Charlton, who then disposed of her body to avoid legal penalties for disposing of a human corpse without permission. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder on November 2nd, 2018 and will not be eligible for parole until 2034.

Helpless Helper

Admittedly, I had never heard about the story until it was all over the news. But when I read about this case, my heart sunk. Ingrid was a mother, a nurse and in her mid-40s. She seemed like someone who was loved by many people and she seemed to be doing well in life. But what happens when you start to date someone who is dangerous?
That’s just what happened to Ingrid. She met John Charlton on an online dating site and they quickly fell for each other as they made plans to marry and have children together. Shortly after they were engaged, Charlton started showing signs that he was controlling and possessive; not wanting her to leave his sight or go out with friends without him being there.

He Was in My Life

Ingrid Lyne’s life was taken by someone who she loved and trusted. The murder is an example of how quickly a relationship can go from happy to tragic.
In her adult life, Ingrid had two marriages that ended in divorce; the first one with a man named Scott, which lasted seven years and the second with Don, which lasted for six years. It is reported that she married Scott because he was stable and treated her well but this did not work out as planned. They divorced after seven years together when Scott cheated on her.
The second marriage with Don seemed to be more successful than the first one but things started going downhill after she became pregnant with his child.

A Dangerous Place To Be

This past week, an out-of-state woman was found murdered in her Seattle home. This is a terrible tragedy for the victim, her family, and the community she called home. But this is not a tragedy that should come as a surprise. The reality is that violence against women has been on the rise over the past decade and it’s only going to get worse without intervention.
And we all need to be part of that intervention. We need to be more aware of how this kind of crime can happen, who is most at risk, and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you or someone you care about.

I Don’t Know What Happened. I Must Have Gone Crazy.

On April 19, 2016, Ingrid Lyne was found dead in her home. The police were called to the scene after a neighbor saw the car and feared that something bad had happened. When they got there, the officers realized that she was killed by strangulation, and her body had been moved from the living room to the bedroom.
Her hands and feet were bound with zip ties, but she wasn’t raped or robbed. On May 5th it was announced that her ex-boyfriend, John Charlton Jr., had been arrested for suspicion of first degree murder.

I Hope He Remembers Me For This.

As I sat down to write this, I can’t help but think about the killer and wonder what he’s thinking. It’s been six days since the murder of Ingrid Lyne and still no one knows who did it. But as I sit here writing this, some questions keep popping into my head that make me think about if she knew him or not.
Why didn’t he just kill her in her home?
Why dump her body in a ditch like she was worthless? The more we learn about the case, the more we find out how brutal it was. He killed her by strangulation and then left her there to decompose. What kind of human being does that? What must be going through his mind while he’s carrying out these crimes?

Leave Us Alone, Dad

Ingrid Lyne was a woman who had what seemed like a perfect life. She was married to her high school sweetheart, Phil, and the two shared three children together. Ingrid was the stay at home mom while Phil worked as an insurance salesman. They lived in Woodinville, Washington in a nice house with their daughter, son and youngest son from Phil’s first marriage.
But something went terribly wrong that would change everything forever. On April 27th, 2016 Ingrid left her home without any personal belongings or money after an argument with her husband. The next morning, she was found dead by police in Seattleā€™s Ravenna Park. The murder suspect was found with cuts on his hands which led to charges of second degree murder.
According to friends and family, this wasn’t a happy woman living in domestic violence but instead one struggling with addiction and mental health issues – having lost custody of her youngest son just weeks before because she couldn’t keep him safe. The sad truth is that no matter how well you think you know someone, there can be many sides to each story – leaving the guilt or innocence impossible to determine until justice is served for Ingrid Lyne


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