Benefits Of Composite Fencing


There is a China proverb: two sides of the same coin, it applies to many life situations and the same can be said about fences: each type of fence has its pros and cons. Therefore, only after carefully studying the pros and cons of any of the fence structures, you can decide what material to choose for the construction of your fence.

Before talking about the pros and cons of composite fences, let’s figure out what these composite fences are. In simple terms, composite fences are made from a material composed of wood fibers and plastic ingredients.

There are number benefits of composite fencing:

The first and most attractive is the relatively low operating costs. In other words, building a composite fence can be called a one-time investment because once it is installed, you can forget about it. That is, you will only have to spend money on the purchase and installation of such a fence once and not waste your money on annual painting, drinking protective compounds on the fence, etc.

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It is very durable and has the ability to withstand various weather conditions: in hot sun or cold snow, you can be sure that your composite fence will not warp or rot.

There is also no need to fear the formation of fungi, mold, etc. In addition, unlike wooden fences, composite fences are not susceptible to termites.

Wood composite fences are easy to clean from dust and dirt with running water or a mild soapy solution and require the use of any special cleaners.

All of the above gives an idea of ​​how practical composite fences are and are unpretentious in further operation.

It should be noted that composite materials are environmentally friendly because most of the materials used to manufacture wood-polymer composite products are recyclable. Also, do not forget that, as a rule, the warranty for composite fences is more than 10 years. So if you happen to run into some issues, you can use your warranty to sort things out.

To be objective, the cons of WPC products should also be noted.

The disadvantages include the fact that undoubtedly composite fences are more expensive than wooden fences . This is often the reason why people choose wooden fences. But if we turn to this fact, then we should not forget the argument already given above that you will have to invest money in wood composite fences once and no longer waste your time and money on caring for them.

The second disadvantage of composite fences is the lack of the possibility of applying paintwork or retouching. The only thing you can do is replace it completely when it shows signs of fading or wear.

If you use chemicals to clean the WPC fence, there is a danger that a white residue will remain, which, however, is washed off quite easily with water.

fences made of wood-polymer composite – more expensive, but more practical Weather conditions do not have any serious effect on composite materials, however, a sharp temperature change can cause expansion or contraction of the fence elements, which can lead to splitting. If the installation of the fence was carried out in violation of the requirements of the installation instructions. Read Also : tmt bar price

Lastly, by choosing a WPC fence you will have a smaller range of colors compared to wood.

The pros and cons listed above will help you understand if a composite fence is the right solution for you.


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