A Comprehensive guide on keeping your Dubai apartment safe while vacationing?

keeping your Dubai apartment safe while vacationing

Most vacationers resemble Dubai with heaven. While it’s more like a prediction, Dubai’s endless beauty and luxury compel them to think this way. There’s no denying that Dubai makes a perfect tourist destination. What if the residents of this city plan to spend vacations abroad? 

Since occupants of Dubai prioritise vacations over everything, their apartments stay unsupervised for a long time. While apartments in Dubai Hills Estate and Downtown Dubai are secured from intruders, it’s still important to ensure the safety of your property in your absence. 

Therefore, we’ve created a list of ideas to carry out this task. So, let’s get started below.

  • Install an automated security system:

One of the best modern world inventions is the automated security system, which helps you monitor your home from anywhere. It helps you remain connected and send you a notification on your smartphone if the sensor is tripped. In addition, you can install a lighting control system that allows switching on the lights reflexively; ultimately, it makes your home look occupied and keeps the buglers away.

  • Leave your home keys with someone trustworthy:

Before leaving for your trip, you must’ve planned to provide the keys to a friend or relative so that they can pay a visit to your home once in a while. It is advisable to provide the keys to someone trustworthy, a person you can trust wholeheartedly. This way, you’ll be assured of your belongings and the person paying regular visits there.

  • Avoid posting on social media platforms:

As much as we consider it fun, social media is equally daunting. You must’ve heard about cyberbullying and online harassment, right? If you leave your home unattended and keep posting regarding your whereabouts, who knows, maybe you’re the next suspect of cyber fraud? 

And so, it’s wise to stay low-profile on social media and avoid sharing details of vacationing. The information can be easily accessed by invaders, which increases the possibility of burglary. 

  • Pause the regular newspaper delivery:

Before leaving for vacations, remember to pause your daily newspaper subscriptions as the oiling at the door will be aware of your absence’s intruders and that your place is vacant. Or else, you can ask your neighbours to make sure there’s no piling at your door, and if they can collect it for you until your arrival. 

  • Power off the water supply and electrical appliances:

Shutting off the water supplies is of pivotal importance when leaving for holidays. Or else, it can result in leaks and floods, which will be financially depressing. Similarly, if the electrical devices stay powered on, it can affect the overall wiring of your house. Ensure all the taps are closed tightly, and the main power switch is turned off.

Final Thoughts:

Travelling isn’t all about packing up your stuff and making a mandatory flying arrangement; it’s more than you think. Many security factors are associated with this decision, so you’ve to determine them wisely and act accordingly. Unlike the rental apartments in JLT and Sports City, where security isn’t the issue, you’ve to be cautious of whom you’re trusting with the main keys and security alarm passwords.


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